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Prof. Bharat Bhushan has authored a new book, "Bioinspired Water Harvesting, Purification, and Oil-Water Separation"


Professor Bharat Bhushan's new book, Bioinspired Water Harvesting, Purification, and Oil-Water Separation, is part of the Springer Series in Materials Science.

In this book, Professor Bhushan addresses pressing societal concerns such as clean water scarcity for a large fraction of the global population. He describes bioinspired water harvesting from fog and condensation, water purification and oil-water separation techniques. Additionally, he presents  designs for water harvesting towers and projections for water collection.

Professor Bhushan, is an Ohio Eminent Scholar and the Howard D. Winbigler Professor, he is renowned for his work in advancing the field of biomimicry, the study of the imitation and development of nature inspired systems and structures.    

More information about the subject matter of the book and ordering information is available Here